NBA Withdrawal – 10 Players Poised to Dominate Another Sport

Shaq’s new reality show became the inspiration for this installment of “Listmania”. If you didn’t catch the first episode of Shaq v/s, Lang Whitaker over at Slam did a solid job of recapping it. With the premise being Shaq challenging other athletes at their own sport, I decided to take a look at the NBA and see which players would dominate another sport aside from Basketball.

excel1Steve NashSoccer
This one was a no-brainer. His passion for the game has been well documented, and he happens to be quite crafty with his feet as seen in the video and head as displayed at All-Star weekend a few years ago.

excel2Nate RobinsonHigh Jump
The NBA has a plethora of high flying acts but ‘lil Nate gets the spot. His added flair makes him the perfect candidate to succeed at an individual sport.

excel3Ron ArtestBoxing
They guy may have his issues on the basketball court, but if there was one NBA player I would bet on in the ring it would be Ron Ron.

excel4Rasheed WallaceFootball (QB)
That arm! Rasheed Wallace may have found his calling when he threw up a 3/4 court Hail Mary. Has the QB skills and the ability to switch it up with some blocks for his men.

excel5Shaquille O’NealDiving
He may be trying out things like beach volleyball and football but his real talent is diving. He has mastered the landing with minimal damage and makes it look more graceful each time.

excel6Didier MbengaJudo
The strongest man in the NBA? Mbenga is a Black belt in Judo and from the looks of it he was ready to try out some of his moves on Chris Mihm.

excel7Monta EllisMotocross
He may have been riding a moped, but the injuries he incurred lead me to believe he must have been trying some fancy tricks on that bad boy.

excel8Vladimir RadmanovichSnowboarding
He sure thought he was a pro when he decided to hit the slopes. Unfortunately it turns out he needs more practice.

excel9TJ FordTrack
His last name is sure giveaway for the Hemi engine that seems to power him. End to End there may not be a faster guy in the NBA. Or is there?

excel10Jordan FarmarPoker
He is new to the game and may not have a poker face yet but he had a great showing at the 2009 WSOP. Wouldn’t advise him to quit his day job, but it may be in the cards for the future.

  • Paul Kardules

    You have a great poker blog! Do you play PLO often and could you recommend a good book for a newbie?

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  • Francis

    You missed on Duncan being a swimmer.

    And also, is poker a sport?

  • @Raps_fan

    hahahaha loved Monta Ellis and his moped! good stuff Nat!

  • The Growl

    That kick was insane. Wonder if that was on his first try?

  • docfunk

    Nate Robinson was a solid Defensive Back for the Washington Huskies too. Great list. Mbenga FTW.

  • @JoynerCN

    This list is missing Tim Duncan for Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Mike

    Nate would not be that great at high jump, he's too short. Sure, he would dominate in say, high school high jump, but there's no way he could ever be a world class athlete in the event. However, I think he would be a starting corner in the NFL if he had kept playing football.

    • Nat77

      Agree that he may not be wining the next Olympic gold but just seeing a guy so small get up that high was awesome. For this piece which is meant to be slightly humorous, it seemed a good choice backed up with some video evidence.

      As for football, I never watched him play but hear he was solid and I guess that could be a post on its own. There are a lot of NBA guys who would translate well to Football :)

  • Vittorio De Zen

    Whoa, had no idea Mbenga was a black belt in judo. Awesome.