Match Ups – Toronto Raptors v/s Detroit Pistons

Keeping the focus in the East, next up – the Detroit Pistons. They may not be the same team that were known to destroy the Raptors on any given night, but after making a splash in the free agent pool, they remain a team to beat in the East. Breaking down her “new look” team is Natalie from Need4Sheed.

When Natalie is not spitting knowledge about all things Pistons over at Need4Sheed, she can be found tweeting @Need4Sheed_com or making caricatures of her favorite players.

The Detroit Pistons, what do I say about a team I have been following since I myself could dribble (on court and off)? How do you preview a team that has changed so much? A team that stayed pretty much the same for almost 5 seasons and in a matter of 12 months has managed to go from the eastern conference elite to a team of underachievers. One dismal (and that’s being kind) trade that set the wheels in motion to the team Detroit will put on court come late October.

I hate the term “new look” but for the Pistons that really does seem to apply. Here is a quick rundown of the Detroit low down.

  • Ben Gordon – Will he be coming off the bench for a little more than 10 million dollars a season?
  • Charlie Villanueva – A new exciting Twitterific addition that wow but isn’t known for his defense, something that Detroit prides themselves in.
  • Is Rip Hamilton’s future with the Pistons still up in the air?
  • No Need4Sheed now that he’s in Boston.
  • Antonio McDyess will surely be missed.
  • Will Rodney Stuckey truly breakout this season after having a lackluster season last year. I’ll give Stuck a bit of a pass on the considering he may have been affected by the AI drama.
  • Will Tayshaun Prince step up his game now the team needs him more than ever?
  • Can Austin Daye (Detroit’s first rounder) bulk up stomach as well as his game?
  • Can Will Buynum be a solid backup PG?
  • Chris Wilcox and Kwame Brown are the centers. No question, I’m just saying.
  • Will solid minutes help Jason Maxiell be more consistent?
  • Trade first time head coach Michael Curry for fist time head coach John Kuester.
  • First full season after the death of HOF owner Bill Davidson.
  • And lastly, Allen Iverson – Have fun in Memphis (Karma would have you coming off the bench for the Grizz)

Plenty of questions for a team that was so predictable for so many years. One thing I do know as a long time fan… I’m hoping it’s going to be fun to watch the unknown.



Last Season Record: 0-3
The Pistons struggled last year but it didn’t show against the Raptors as they swept them while playing shorthanded for a couple of the games. Chris Bosh has always struggled to put up decent stats when going up against Rasheed Wallace, but the first time the two teams met last season was different. Bosh put up 26-13 and the team still took a loss. Crazy eh? Well not really because on the offensive end players like Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton have been known to carve up the Raptors with their athleticism and ball movement. The best chance Toronto had to get a win was in the final game in the series but they dropped it in overtime. The Pistons’ ability to get to the basket, move without the ball and convert on fast break opportunities always has the other team scrambling. Defensively sound, the Pistons have been a puzzle the Raptors have been trying to solve for several years.

Stacking Up

The Bigs: Chris Bosh finally has some breathing room. When the Pistons let Sheed walk, it left Bosh with no more excuses. He will be expected to perform well against this team. Detroit’s front line is looking the weakest it has in a while. New comer Charlie V – hardly heralded for his Defense, an aging Big Ben, a bust in Kwame Brown and journeyman Chris Wilcox. The Raptors should be able to take advantage of whatever combination is on the floor. The one intriguing piece on the Pistons is, Austin Daye. He had a great summer league showing and the Pistons are probably hoping he develops quickly so they can keep Kwame in street clothes down the end of the bench.
Edge: Raptors

The Wings: Tayshaun Prince has been a Raptor killer his entire career. He has always been able to roam freely on the defensive end as the team never had a weapon at the wing spot that he had to focus on. Enter: Hedo Turkoglu. Known for his offensive game, Hedo should keep Prince more on the perimeter, and that in turn means, it wont be so easy for him to leave his man and rotate down to double. Offensively, Tayshaun has improved him jump shot every year and has the ball handling, both skills that make him a tough cover for any SF in the league – let alone a weaker defender in Hedo. The Pistons also have the ability to go big at this spot, using newly acquired Charlie V, bruising Jason Maxiell, or ever their rookie DeJuan Summers – another one of Joe Dumars diamond in the rough picks. The Raptors have added size and players who can guard multiple spots but they will still struggle to keep pace against Detroit.
Edge: Pistons

The Guards: Rodney Stuckey + Richard Hamilton + Ben Gordon = A force to be reckoned with. Ben Gordon adds some serious offensive fire power to an already solid combination of guards in the Pistons back court. Jose (known to struggle when trying to guard athletic PG’s), has his work cut out for him and if Jay decides to put Jack on Stuckey, then Jose will be running around trying to keep up with RIP as he runs through multiple screens. Its a pick your poison situation for the Raptors who were struggling to keep up with last season’s version of the Pistons guard combos. The Raptors are going to need their guards to produce on the offensive end in order to expose the defensive weaknesses in players like Ben Gordon and Hamilton. Bottom line, this is a tough match up for the Raptors. The key will be to contain, because they wont be able to completely stop what the Pistons guards do during the course of the game.
Edge: Pistons

Predicted Record: 1-2 (Change is the name of the game but it will only tack on 1 W for the Raps here)

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  • Kadia

    I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!,

  • khandor


    Your evaluation of this match-up is on the money.

    IMO, most Raptors fans are under-estimating the talent level of the players on this year's Pistons team not named Kwame Brown and Charlie Villanueva.

  • Vittorio De Zen

    Think I'm going to go to at least one of the games at the Palace this year. Went last year and the Raps got KILLED.

    Detroit and Toronto are pretty evenly matched, I think – lots of offensive weapons, but they've got some key guys who don't play great D (Charlie V., Gordon, Wilcox).

  • tim

    I really don”t like the make up of this pistons team. They have huge problems at the 4 and 5. Maxiel has some potential, but potential does not compete with proven tallent. This team loses solid proven veterans in Sheed and McDyess, and adds only Ben Wallace, who is certainly done, and is one of the few NBAers who clearly benifited from steroid use. Even the very worst front courts in the East, (NY, NJ, Miami) will feast on them. There is no reason to believe that the Pistons can defend a healthy Tyson Chandler, or Troy Murphy, or Andrew Bogat, let alone prove consistant all-stars like Jamison or Bosh. I will be surprised to see this team in the playoffs

  • brothersteve

    Tough call.
    I don't like the Pistons guard rotation. 2 combo guards and a SG looks like problems to me. Not enough minutes to go around and they may suffer from a lack of a play maker.
    Looks like the Pistons are getting credit more on team mystique than actual talent.
    For the Pistons to be any good Stuck had better turn into a real PG and last season's bench(ed) big men had better step up.

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  • Dan

    Raptors are the better deeper team than the Pistons. 4 threats on offense that are gonna be terrible tough to guard… they are have one of the better benches in the game as long as everyone stays healthy and play to their capability. I have been looking forward to this season since the overhaul began. Critics have been referring to last season when they are making predictions for this one. I dont understand it what so ever. Our big 3 may be the same and now it's the big 4 with Turk in there but other than that it's is a completely different team. Go Raps can't wait to see this season unfold

  • blaze89

    the raps will surely take at least 2 of 3 from the pistons dont worry about that pistons dont have a game-breaker (unless you call trigger-happy ben gordon one) and rip will put up his regular numbers thats about it.

    • Nat

      The games are split with two at the palace – never an easy place to play. Charlie V usually plays well against us as well. Looking at all the factors, yes I will stick with my call but would be thrilled if the raps stole one on the road